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How to become an affiliate with free advice from Borntoloaf on being a marketer with recommended companies. Includes hints and tips to help you build a website
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If you own a website then you can earn cash by becoming an affiliate (also called partner or marketer by some companies). This means you place affiliate advertising of your choosing, such as those on Affiliate Window or Word Linx, on your affiliate website and when someone clicks on the text links or banners, you will either receive a cash payment or a percentage of any money they spend on the site. Below the building a website information I have listed the best free affiliate programmes to help you on your journey. It is worth joining all of them because they all have different companies and shops and pay different rates of commission. Below these are advice, hints and tips to get traffic:

How To Become an Affiliate

Building a site isn't as complicated as you may think. The hardest part is thinking of your subject matter. This can be made easier by taking some time to think what you would like to write about and what you can offer the reader. Once you've done this it can be put together then you can start the process.

Do take time to plan. Think about the layout, colours, navigation, how to make it easier for the reader to find information and move around your site. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to stay user focused rather than worry about how to become an affiliate. Listen to your visitors and get as much feedback as possible. This will help you develop and build the site.

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Affiliate Marketer

You will need an html editor and an understanding of html coding when you become an affiliate marketer. Html means hyper text mark up language and is the computer code that the internet is built upon. Though you can buy packages such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage the search engines will find you much easier and result in more visitors. Get a basic understanding of html coding and this will help you develop to graphic packages as you develop and become successful.

A useful resource is www.htmldog.com which will guide you through building web pages and web code step by step from basics up to advanced. Htmldog also has cascading style sheets (CSS) information. These are useful to help you change the look, colours and navigation index quickly and easily without having to change each page. This is so time saving, especially when you may one day have hundreds of web pages. The CSS can also be used to change the adverts you display in the form of includes.

In order to get it live you will need an ftp programme. This means file transfer protocol. Do an internet search and you should find trials of ftp programmes which you can use until you find one you like. Some have built in html editors.

The next stage is to find a host company. There are literally thousands of such companies but look for those offering secure servers. Some let you pay monthly, others yearly. Some also give you access to templates that you can use to easily build it. These include free images to make your site look attractive.

Do ensure you read your site statistics which your host company will give you access too. This will help you analyse where your visitors come from, keywords they use to search for you and how you can develop the site - always remembering during your career to stay user focused.

Affiliate Companies

The following UK affiliate companies host many shops and sites with the advantage of having an easy to manage control centre whilst paying you altogether. It is worth joining each because they run various links, banner advertisements and different payments:

Affiliate Future
Paid On Results

The key to getting increasing numbers of people, unique visitors and increased page impressions is to offer original interesting and well written content. People will then want to visit, tell others about it and link to you.

Other steps you can undertake are to add your url to search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. You need only add your homepage url because these search engines use spiders to crawl your website and will find all your pages if you have implemented a successful navigation map.

Do submit your pages to directories such as Dmoz (Open Directory Project), Yahoo or Splut. These sites have editors who will look at it and if they think it offers content to the internet will add your urls to the directory. Do a bit of research and make sure you are listing your url into the correct section. Dmoz and Yahoo usually have 2 or 3 editors who will review and all need to agree to recommend your site is listed. This can take time and can often take several months. It is worth doing because search engines crawl through these directories to find new sources. So for example by successfully getting listed at Dmoz you should get crawled by the Altavista, Lycos, A9, MSN, AOL, Teoma, Clusty, Wisenut, Gigablast, Yahoo and Google bots.

You should use Google sitemaps to help the Google robots find, crawl and index your pages. You can find more information at the Google webmasters pages.

Best of luck and do let me know, using the contact me link on the left, if this page hasn't answered your question. I'll happily help you out and update the page. Once it is built you need to swap links with others to help you get a Google page rank and get visitors. There's information about this at the borntoloaf link swapping page.

Once you've done all this you can start earning from affiliate schemes by going to the middle of this page and signing up to the recommended programs.

More Share

More Share is super for those seeking free online advertising or cheap online advertising. More Share can be used to shorten links, especially useful for those sites that use long urls.

Gaining the free advertising at More Share can be done in a manner of ways such as using the url shortner and then adding this More Share url onto your own website, social websites such as facebook, twitter, google buzz, digg, delicious or stumbleupon. More Share urls can also be added to blogs. Along with your shortened url there will be several advertisers from More Share. When someone clicks on the link you earn a More Share credit. These More Share credits can then be used for your own free advertising.

The free advertising includes your url with a description of the page. It is also possible to purchase further credits to increase your advertising exposure. Payment can be made easily with paypal and a range of credit cards.

These can not only direct to you but can include direct affiliate links, go to your blog, online video, profile page or online shop.

They can be targeted geographically by country or list of countries and these are many categories such as art, business and money, entertainment, family, gambling and contests, jobs, news, pets, shopping, travel and video games.


RefBan is a way to advertise or host advertising which can also give you a return through referrals. You can earn a guaranteed amount per day when you display the RefBan banners. In addition every member that you refer who then goes onto refers other active members will earn you more income. You can also earn commissions for any referrals that go on to buy advertising.

There is a lottery affiliate company where you can earn 3.50 for each new online player who plays a charity lottery. For more information visit our Charity Lottery page.

Read the borntoloaf guide to drop shipping.

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