Star of Joy

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Star of Joy is a special open to new players at Jackpotjoy. You may have seen their new advert on TV for it. New registrants to get to turn it to get a chance to win cash from one of the twelve segments.

Play Now.

You just use your mouse to click to spin and the game Star of Joy begins. Then this game of chance begins to get thrilling since the site says that every spin produces a win!

Players get one turn of the wheel and the top prize includes £10,000 cash. Other prizes include a welcome bonus.

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The Drummer Boy

The Drummer Boy is my latest novel about the ghost of a Gordon Highlander Drummer Boy from the Battle of Waterloo who haunts a modern day army nurse.

Chapters take place in Aberdeen, Tidworth and during the Napoleonic War.

Read the first three chapters for free on most devices.

The Star of Joy game is named after the star Arcturus which is one of the brightest seen in the northern celestial hemisphere and has been used as a navigation aid for centuries. Jackpotjoy now brings you the opportunity to reach for the stars and be guided by the luck of a spin of the wheel.

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