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Surveys Free paid UK surveys are a great way to earn extra cash filling out online questionnaires and giving opinions. Earn for each free paid UK survey site with Borntoloaf. Companies and websites are genuinely interested in your responses and opinion to market research. Many will reward you with cash rewards for filling out questionnaires, most of which take little time and are interesting and fun. See the free information and sites listed below and start earning money from home. They are free to join and you can earn anything from 50 pence to £15. By joining all of them you will increase your chances of being sent some each day. Do try and do each as they are e-mailed to you because some sites will have a capped entry, though these are usually in the thousands.

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Online Survey Sites

Click on the blue links or the join now text to go directly to these UK online survey sites:

My Survey UK

My Survey UK are seeking panellists with an interest in completing online surveys.

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Word Linx

Earn cash taking surveys in the Rewards section of Word Linx. Earn more by playing their fun games like Catch the Apple or Cherry Pie.

You may also wish to read my page Do people really win from filling out a customer satisfaction feedback survey? for which the answer is yes!


Survee is an online survey panel, where members get paid in cash to complete surveys. They are currently seeking people from the UK aged over 14 years.

My Survey

Mysurvey UK will reward you for taking part, it is free to join and each time you take one you will be awarded points which can then be exchanged for Paypal, vouchers, free gifts and prizes. You can also donate your points to charity. In addition you can also claim nectar points to your nectar card for each one you complete. As an example of the earning potential, when they were MYTNS, for the first six months of their launch their UK panellists were rewarded with over 23 million points which was the equivalent of £130,000. New registrants can claim an immediate reward of 50 loyalty points.

Survey Central

Survey Central allows you to fill out quick ones in exchange for entries to their draws. Past prizes have included a Fiat 500 car. In addition they will reward you with a great selection of money saving high street eVouchers. The results help the retail industry provide consumers with the quality and range of services they demand.

Paid Surveys

Global Test Market are an International paid survey website looking to recruit UK panellists. They specialise in music and film as well as consumer products, advertising and general topics.

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Also see the borntoloaf guide to Mystery Shopping.

Free Surveys UK

Free surveys UK can also be done at cashback websites. Visit our Cashback Websites page for those sites who give you cashback when you join sites and shop online.

Surveys For Money

Other surveys for money sites gives you incentives for completing short lifestyle-related questions and entry automatically into prize draws. At the end you get immediate access to a rewards page with their latest discounts, offers and prizes.

Free Online Survey

More free online survey websites are:


Smartepoints is free to join for those living in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. You get rewarded when you click links, read e-mails, try products which are sent to you for free, refer friends, complete offers and enter competitions. They will pay you each month when you have made $25 and any left over is carried forward to the next month. UK users can get their money put into a Paypal account which will be converted into £ sterling and then can be transferred safely into your bank account or used for online shopping. The Smartepoints website can be found at www.smartepoints.com

Home Of Research

Join Home of Research and you will be part of a select community where your views earn you cash and help companies deliver better products and services to you, the consumer. Every one you complete, you earn credit points which you can exchange for cash – it is that simple.

Here is what some of the visitors to www.borntoloaf.co.uk have said about the online survey page from Borntoloaf:

Hello there

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your borntoloaf.co.uk newsletter. I have just joined the What I Buy panel. Since January I've joined all the market research companies born to loaf has recommended and I am doing really well. You would not believe the amount of freebies I've received - ie laundry products, cosmetics etc - I receive at least one product a week to trial. I received 6 Ferrero Rocher this morning! It's a hard life loafing haha!

Pine Cone Research Banner

The Pine Cone Research banner or text link is a bit elusive though. They only recruit at specific times of the year and tend to have a key panel. Good news for them who can get several a week but bad news if you are looking for a banner so that you can join the panel.


MyVoice are sent directly to your inbox and will contain a link and an anticipated cut off date to complete it or with how many respondents are needed. This is generally at least 1000 and each will usually get completed within a few hours so be quick. The e-mail from MyVoice.co.uk will also let you know how much you will get for completing it.

At the time of writing this MyVoice review they rewarded panellists with points. These MyVoice.co.uk points are then converted into vouchers. 2000 points can be redeemed for £20 making each point worth a penny. This may not sound much cash but each one only takes a few minutes to complete. These are called express ones and there are also longer and higher paying ones which they call research questionnaires.

Borntoloaf.co.uk generally gets sent several a month and some have been for 50 points (50p) and 200 points (£2) and these have been on a wide range of subjects like driving, buying cleaning products, products we buy for a dog and what sweets we buy for the children.

Points at MyVoice can be redeemed easily and you will be sent a voucher for £20 for a choice of shops and stores such as Arcadia, Asda, Boots, Debenhams, Dixon, House of Fraser, KingFisher Vouchers, M&S, Next, Rubicon Vouchers, Sainsbury, Selfridges, Virgin Megastore and WH Smith.

Income can be supplemented if you are lucky enough to win their prize draws which are run in conjunction with most of the MyVoice questionnaires. They are as high as £1000 and the winners can be seen at the MyVoice website www.myvoice.co.uk

MyVoice has been a consumer research site for many years and is now owned and run by Ian Davidson and Dave Waddell who have recently upgraded the software and given www.myvoice.co.uk a fresh and attractive look. There are over 90,000 members enjoying and getting paid for filling them out. For more get paid to take surveys UK information visit www.myvoice.co.uk

Knocker Market Researcher Radio Programme

The BBC Radio 4 Extra online and digital radio station broadcast a new radio comedy called Knocker about a market researcher and panellist call Ian Dunn. It is the job of Ian Dunn to approach the hostile public and ask them to help fill sheets out. Knocker was written by Neil Edmond and starred Tina Gray, Simon Treves, Julia Deakin and Paula Wilcox.


Be rewarded for each you complete at TechSay who are looking for people to complete them who work in information technology or a development group in an organization, or have previously worked in IT or development or have made a recommendation to purchase technology at work or for an organisation.

Join M Metrics at www.mobilepanel.co.uk who will pay you to help them in their phone surveys. You will get an immediate £15 for joining at mobilepanel.co.uk and then £5 for each month thereafter. All you have to do is install their software onto your mobile phone which is easily done by a text link from your mobile. Then they measure information such as how often you play mobile phone games, use the internet via your phone, etc. In addition to payments you will be entered into free draws to win things like a 40" LCD TV. Visit www.mobilepanel.co.uk for more info.


ACOP allows UK users to complete online surveys for payment.

Opinion People

Opinion People will e-mail you each one and pay you for giving your opinions.


YouGov pay you 50 pence or £1 for most in addition to cash draws of about £250. They are interesting and are usually about current topics of news interest and political. I get some most days and you can often see the results in daily and Sunday newspapers, the BBC and ITV news and on Radio stations such as BBC Radio 4 Today Programme.

Zoom Panel

Zoom Panel are seeking new registrations to their consumer testing panel where you will be rewarded for giving you opinion on a wide range of products and topics.

Free High Street Shopping Vouchers When You View Advertisements

Mi-info will reward you with free high street shopping vouchers when you view advertisements. There is no need to make any purchase, you simply collect the rewards when you look at the ads. These free vouchers include Argos, M&S, Homebase, Boots or you can donate your points and their value to the NSPCC. Do keep your profile as comprehensive as possible so that you will be sent more adverts based upon your hobbies and interests and you even get a free 250 point sign up bonus for completing your profile. You will also get entry to competitions which have prizes such as a Smart Car and IPod Touch.

Market Research Panel

Harris Interactive Panel are seeking men and women to test products and join their market research panel.


Crowdology will reward its members for taking part in online market research. Clients include leading consumer brands, media, advertising, public relations and publishing companies. In common they want to measure opinions on a wide range of subjects for which your time and effort will be rewarded.

They can be entertaining and are often based on current issues. They commonly take between 2 minutes to 15 minutes. Examples of recent polls include, spending and saving patterns in the credit crunch, knowledge of cooking, wasting food, accidental landlords, mid life crisis, things you can't live without on holiday, the pains of looking good, celebrities who wear glasses, the stresses of getting married, frustrations of online shopping, and using plastic bags to save the environment. They will reward you from 50p up to £10 or more depending on the type and how long it has taken to complete.

Business Opinions

Business Opinions will reward you for your views which can help shape the future of business products and services.


AIP are looking for UK and International panellists to take part and give your opinions on a range of consumer topics.

Pine Cone Research

Pine Cone Research will pay you £4 for each taken. After the results are processed members may be suitable to test products. These will be sent to you for free and you get a further £4 payment and get to keep the testing product. These tend to be new products so you get to learn about exciting new developments before your friends.

They pay in two ways. The first option is to be paid for surveys into a Paypal account. The other option, which will avoid any Paypal fees, is to request Luncheon Vouchers from Acor Services. These can be used in exchange for food at many take aways, fast food outlets, restaurants and cafes. These include Starbucks Coffee, KFC, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Coffee Republic, Nando’s, Tesco, MacDonald’s, Morrisons, Asda, Greggs, Yates, Pret a Manger, Iceland and Burger King. Some supermarkets will accept these Luncheon Vouchers as part payment towards a grocery bill. So really it is like getting real money, after all most people will buy food, snacks, drinks and groceries.

Luncheon Voucher

Each Luncheon Voucher book is broken down into 50p and £1 values so if you are buying a cup of coffee or a sandwich there is no need to hand over the full £4 especially as some shops and outlets do not give change from the UK Luncheon Vouchers. The Luncheon Vouchers do have an expiry date but there is no need to rush out and spend them when you receive them because the expiration date is usually several months to a year. They normally send out the payment within a few days of completing them.

Nielsen Consumer Panel

Nielsen Consumer Panel are seeking people to use their free hand held scanner to scan the bar codes of their weekly shopping. This information is then transmitted to Nielsen Consumer Panel electronically so only takes a few minutes. In return Nielsen Consumer Panel will award you points which can be saved up and exchanged for free gifts from their gift catalogue which includes electronic equipment, household items and toys.


Ciao pay you to test products and will pay you from 60 pence.

Opinion Outpost UK

Opinion Outpost UK pays you for each you complete.

Spring Board UK

Spring Board UK allows you to earn cash which is redeemable for cheques or charity when you give your opinions on a range of subjects such as government and media.


Synovate Consumer Opinion Panel will reward you for completing market research. In addition they pay you to test new products (which you get to keep) and services. They are one of the largest marketing research firms in the world and your membership will be with the Global Opinion Panels.

TV Survey

GFK's exclusive Media panel allows you to give your views on the TV you watch. Your comments on each are read by the programme makers so you really do make a difference. GFK reward you with tickets that can be built up towards the monthly prize draw, where GFK give away over a thousand prizes ranging from £2 vouchers to £1000! GFK members love knowing that what they say about each TV survey makes a difference. Earn tickets, win prizes and get your views heard!

Valued Opinions

Earn money by giving your opinion with Valued Opinions who pays you for giving your opinion to products and services of leading companies. You can earn up to £5 and these will be as high street vouchers each time your account reaches just £10.

Reward TV

Reward TV is a fun website where you play trivia quizzes for cash and prizes. These are based on popular TV shows. You earn points for the questions you answer correctly and can then exchange your points for great prizes. Please note that they ask that registrants must give a valid e-mail address, create a password and add their postcode, date of birth, gender and household income to their registration form and complete a minimum of two of their trivia games.


Ipsos will send you an e-mail and you earn points from each and can cash these in for vouchers to shops like Argos or Boots.
They also run competitions where you can win shopping vouchers, often up to £250, for completing them by post. Ipsos questionnaires sent by post often also pay directly with vouchers rather than prize draws. These can be spend in high street shops and stores like Topman, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Walls, Burton, Miss Selfridges, Debenhams, PC World, Currys, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Asda, Morrisons, Safeways, Sainsbury’s and Somerfield. Ipsos offers their panellists the opportunity to concept test, product test, to take part in new product volume forecasting, usage and attitude studies, brand equity studies and omnibus studies.


Hiving operate in over 17 countries. Their panellists earn points and once a minimum of 400 points are reached then members can redeem them for cash payments via Paypal. For every 400 points you earn you earn £4.

Take Part In Research

Take Part In Research are seeking new members to take part in their conversations. In return you can earn from £20 to £200. The groups are run by experienced facilitators so you can be assured that your privacy and anonymity are respected. You have the choice to take part in telephone or group market discussions and interviews. They adhere to the data Protection Act 1998 and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. This means that your views, opinions and information will be kept anonymous and completely confidential.


Toluna will reward you with points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers. Their reward partners include CD Wow, Sainsbury's and Halfords. When you test a product you also get to keep the item after testing and reporting your thoughts and opinions. Registrants can also undertake voting at their polls and can answer for additional points.


Populuslive is a UK paid survey site and as a member of Populuslive you will be financially rewarded for participating and enjoy several other benefits such as free entry to various competitions such as £500 towards your annual heating bill. They are designed to be interesting and varied and your participation will allow you to express your views on issues that are important to you.

Product Testing

Product Testing are seeking product testers for a range of items. At the time of writing this review they are looking for people to test the latest iPhone for seven days - complete a survey and you get to keep the phone. Complete their registration and answer their lifestyle and interests section for your opportunity to be selected for this and future campaigns.

Lightspeed Research

Lightspeed Research rebranded two years ago. When you reach 500 Lightspeed Points they will send you £5 to spend at shops like Boots and Debenhams or you can save your points for larger awards. There is a £2000 prize draw for new registrants.

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