Fingers Crossed Competition Entries

I run plenty of competitions at Borntoloaf and have noticed over the years that many compers will send me replies on the social media with emojis of crossed fingers along with messages of luck in the entries. Does these Facebook, Twitter and Instagram comments work, well here is my thoughts.

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Fingers Crossed Competition Entries

It is fun receiving and reading these fingers crossed competition entries and good luck messages, and as a promoter, it is fantastic if people tag in their friends as that gives me more competition entries and more publicity. This in turn means that I can offer higher valued prizes, like in the Daily Entry Competition and the Social Media Money Competitions.

The fun element continues when folk send emojis, especially when they are very creative. This extends to family photos or pictures of the entrant, often in unusual places or poses. I particularly love pet photos, especially the cute dogs!

I guess the intentions of the comper is to spread the word of the contests, but to also stand out from the crowd. He or she wants to be noticed by the organiser. This works for me. I like to read the comments and often learn of ways to improve my website and learn what the comper wants.

If an organiser doesn't have time to read them all then it is time wasted by the comper, but it could be time well spent if a promoter doesn't want the laborious task of collating all entries and then picking a winner on merit or randomly. They use the human touch and choose a winner who made them smile or said 'Aw!' at photos of children.

Borntoloaf always chooses a winner on merit or randomly depending on the task set for the entrant. So sadly, I'm afraid dear reader, the fingers crossed competition entries are fun to read, but won't necessarily make you win!

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