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By auto switching your gas or electric supplier you can save money on your fuel bills each year and it is so simple to do by following the advice below.

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One company who can help you switch gas and electric, Flipper, have saved their members an average of £385 per year on their energy bills by auto switching. This price comparison company can help you stop overpaying for your energy by finding you the best available deal available on the market. They then automatically switch you to that deal, factoring in any exit fees. Then if there is a further saving later, they will automatically flip you again and again.

They communicate with your new fuel supplier, so there is no hassle or fuss and you won't be left hanging on hold on the phone or have letters to write. Flipper guarantees peace of mind and they have been mentioned on the BBC and the Sunday Times and use over 80 energy suppliers in the UK to save you money.

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