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Enter this caption competition to win borntoloaf prizes. Includes details of other photo contests:

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The Born To Loaf caption competition runs until the 31st December 2019. You can enter as many times as you like provided each entry has a unique caption. To enter please look below and send a witty and amusing comment that reflects the image. The winner can choose £10 or a signed copy of my novel The Grey Lady Ghost: Of The Cambridge Military Hospital: Volume 1 (Grey and Scarlet) or a Born To Loaf credit card wallet or a fleece hat. Pictures of these can be seen on the daily comp section.

man pushing dog in a wheelbarrow

Win £25.00 in our Daily Entry Competition.

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Read previous winners and the caption contest terms of entry.

In addition to this we will award pens and stick it notes to any tips and hints that you suggest and we use.

Photo Contests

Photo contests are a fun way to try and win a prize. They involve a good deal of skill in trying to write a funny sentence that you hope the judge will choose. Therefore you stand a better chance of winning compared to others which may just ask for you to add your name and address. Provided you are good at writing a funny or witty word or two. For example what could you reply to for the above?

If you would like listed then please Contact Borntoloaf.

Other sections of interest to help you include the Competition Websites and How To Win.

Previous photo caption competition pictures with slogans include:

Old Fashioned Petrol Pumps

Concern over post Brexit fuel deliveries leads Jacob Rees-Mogg to stockpile supplies

Prairie dog digging earth

Congratulations to Ken Wilkinson whose winning entry was "Good job lad, you`ll Gopher in the gardening trade."

man in bowler hat suit pushing wheelbarow body cobbled street

Ken Barlow finally leaving the cobbles.

scottish kilted stormtrooper chewbacca star wars edinburgh royal mile

Can`t you understand Scottish, I said I fancy a Little Bit of Nookie

invisible man street performer edinburgh royal mile

Secrets revealed on social media cause the faceless hero of the magic circle to beg!

horse carriage ride by sea harbour

Tonto would never forgive the Lone Ranger for his latest "get rich quick" scheme.

Man Taking Photo on Beach

Did no-one tell him "Where's Wally" is only a game?

Caption Competition

Whatever has happened, honestly I did NOT do it!

Photo Contests

Do you Strum here very often.

Runner up entry - Gentleman on the right: The thing with this job, is that there are always strings attached!!

Caption Me

Caption Me have a £50 cash prize photo competition where they ask you to come up with an original funny caption from their many pictures. Unlike other caption comps that may just have one funny caption picture the site has a wide range to choose from. The £50 is awarded each month to the funniest caption entrant. To enter visit

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If you would like to be listed please send us the text, image or photo and where you would like to appear. Please mark the subject heading Born To Loaf.