Deal Or No Deal Free Online Game

Play this free Deal or no Deal online game which gives you 23 spins games of DOND

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The Deal Or No Deal Free Online Game will return soon.

Deal Or No Deal Free Game

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Best wishes to you all.


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Our first Deal Or No Deal free game is Beat the Banker and claim a free prize at TBA.

You then need to enter your e-mail address and click to accept the terms and conditions and if you want to accept any offers relating to it. This then takes you to the game that can be played on your PC with no need to download any software or to deposit any money to play. You simply play it whilst staying on the borntoloaf website.

Please note the cash prize can be won daily but at the time of writing this review each member can only win the prize three times in one month. Please do check their terms and conditions for changes to these. Recently they were amended to say that there can only be one allowed per member each month throughout all their scratchcards. So if a player were to win on the daily scratch and then went on to win the above within 30 days they would only receive winnings for the first which they had won.

It is much like playing the DOND TV gameshow. You will be presented with five red boxes and you will first be requested to choose one box. You need to reveal a win in the box rather than a try again. If you are not successful at this stage you will get another go. The boxes will be juggled on the screen and you can try following them, though they move quicker and quicker, much like the find the lady card trick, though this is no scam, just some fun at no costs and you could get a prize.

Once you have found the red box during play then you will get a congratulations message from their site, though still staying at the site. Then you are presented with five more red DOND boxes. Each contains a prize and one contains a larger prize. The others contain various prizes and the most common one is 1000 points to redeem at their website. You then simply click on Click here to claim them now message within the graphic on this page at born to loaf. This then takes you to the Jackpotjoy prizes page in a new window where you can register for free then redeem your free points for free entry to a range of competitions that usually includes cash prizes, washing machines, cinema tickets, champagne, chocolates, gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii, iPod, digital camera or vouchers.

Deal or no Deal Free Online Game

This also allows you to register for free where you can play from only 5 pence. If you deposit up to £100 you will have this matched for free. So if you deposit £10 into your account you will get a further £10 to give you £20 to play, £20 gives you a free £20 to make £40, etc.

Jackpots are usually in the thousands of pounds and large progressive jackpot winners have won six figure sums. There are examples further below. They cost just 5p, 10p or 20p.

Once a week at different times and dates the Banker visits. He randomly chooses a Jackpotjoy DOND player and he phones them up and they play a Deal or no Deal slot machine game over the telephone for a cash prize if they chose the right red box. So do remember to give your home or mobile phone number when you register.

Deal or No Deal Scratch Card

In addition to the above there is also a Deal or No Deal Scratch Card at meccabingo and someone recently won an incredible cash prize of £150,000. The cash prize was timely for the 38 year old mother of three from Oxted in Surrey, England. She joined Mecca Bingo three years ago and recalls her luck from the beginning when she won £50 when she first joined

She said:

I love playing the scratch cards at the Mecca Bingo website. I enjoy going on my computer to chat to all the lovely roomies. My Dad is unwell at the moment and when the children are in bed, I like to have some company and a good chat. In fact I was chatting away when I won the Jackpot and hadn't realised at first! I still can't believe I've won £150,000! I felt physically sick when I found out and started to panic that it wasn't true. When customer services confirmed, I screamed down the phone. I think I deafened them! The first item I've bought is a vacuum cleaner because mine has just broken. It's great to be able to go out and buy one straight away. My children have also been thoroughly spoilt and I'm now looking into buying a holiday home.

Deal or no Deal Bingo

Deal or no Deal Bingo and Ad Break Bingo are special bingo that can be played as part of the sponsorship. With Ad Break Bingo a player simply logs onto their site before 2pm on any day of the week, except for a Saturday, to reveal their Ad Break Bingo numbers for that day. During the advert breaks on Channel 4 the Ad Break Bingo winning numbers will be revealed to viewers and if their numbers match they will win £250,000! Playing Ad Break Bingo is free for members.

Ad Break Bingo

Deal or no Deal Slot Games

In May The Deal or No Deal slot games Jackpot reached over £890,000. The DOND Banker created two new Millionaires as well as paying out millions of pounds in smaller prizes to many slot players. Not bad for something that only costs 20 pence to play and often started with free play.

In January Keith R, a market trader married with a daughter, kick started the new year with a record breaking £1.3 million. In one instant Keith became a millionaire playing the DOND instant win game when he won £1,365,996.64 on Saturday 17 January. Keith had just got home from a cold day's work at the market and was warming himself at the computer at home and was attracted by the progressive jackpot that had reached over a million pounds. He was enjoying it so much that he wouldn't take any of the Banker's offers. He was glad he waited for the red box for it revealed the number: £1,365, 996.64 and his life has changed so much since.

Christmas came one week early for 27 year old Emira B from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire won the highest Deal or no Deal progressive jackpot of £965,728. A shocked but happy Emira was too overcome to tell what she plans to do with her money. But she does know that being just short of a £1 million has changed her life. Though she plans to go to work in the morning she knows that she is now sorted for life and doesn't need to keep working and the money prize has changed her life and that of her family. She does know that rather than working as a beauty therapist she can now plan to open her own beauty salon.

Deal or no Deal Game

This sum of money was a staggering £330,000 more than the previous largest payout. Could you be lucky?

One of the nice things about hearing of the winners is how the money will change their lives. Emira is one such example because in 1992 she fled war torn Bosnia for the safety of the UK with her baby brother. Emira spoke little English and found life hard. She struggled and learnt to speak and write English. Sadly tragedy struck and her young brother was killed in a road traffic accident. Though she misses her brother terribly she has built a new life in the United Kingdom and she knows that this sum of money will help to bring a happy life for her and her husband and children.

Deal or no Deal Onine

Several months later, in May, it looked like the progressive jackpot cash prize would break the £1 million barrier. This prompted a run to be played. It was won by a lucky Danny F from Hampshire who pocketed £903,367 and became the second highest. In the same month Rob D won £85,000 from the banker after playing the Jackpot version of the television program. The team decided to quiz him to see what he would do with his money and Rob has decided to go on holiday and perhaps visit Las Vegas to play the big slots.

One of the most recent was W from Birmingham, the third biggest ever Deal or No Deal Jackpot. Nicola played a successful DOND Jackpotjoy game and banked a life changing £458,548.

Nicola said:

I'm still in shock. I've only told my Mother so far. I don't know where to start. It's not sunk in. I don't think it really will!

Nicola works part time in a local supermarket and lives with her Mother. She's got a 15 month old boy and found out about the site after seeing the television advert for Strike It Lucky on ITV.

I'm going to spend it, but don't know what on yet! I've been on holiday this year already, but only to Somerset. We're thinking about Florida now!

It goes without saying that the 26 year old's life has now dramatically changed, as she full well knows:

I can afford my own house now. It certainly changed my life. I think I'm going to wake up and realise that it's all a dream. I checked the Winner's Page and saw that it was the third biggest ever - not bad for a £4 stake.

In August Graham T beat the Banker and received £152, 657 from the progressive jackpot. They asked Graham what he planned to do with this life changing amount of money. He said:

I am still a bit shocked to be honest. It is the kind of thing you think happens to everyone else. I think the best word for it is disbelief. I let my wife know first, and she had to go to work, stunned and dazed. We first intend to reduce our mortgage, so that will make such a difference to our lives. Then we will spend some of it on some luxuries and treats and give some away to close family members My favourite was Double Bubble but not anymore: nothing can beat it now. I can now boast that I beat the Banker.

In May Alena, a reseach company employee from London, won a whopping £239,088. She was so shocked when the Deal or no Deal slot machine team rang to congratulate her that they had to speak to her son William! Alena joined them in August the year before and has never really thought about what to spend the money if ever she won:

I am going to pay off the mortgage and help out my family, especially my parents. My son has already started writing a list of things he wants. This is so great, especially as I am such a Noel Edmonds fan and it is my birthday on Friday.

Others include Kristian N a marketing company designer from Surrey who won a massive £360,856 in October from playing. Kristian had been taking a break from looking after his new baby girl during his paternity leave and had been playing. When he won the Jackpotjoy Deal or No deal slots he was cradling his baby and thinks that she brought him some luck. He said:

It has immediately changed my new family's life. We are planning on getting married next year so this is going to pay for one memorable bash!

Kristian also plans to buy a house nearer to his work in London thanks to his winnings: Thanks for making this dream a reality for us. It's amazing!


Gemma from Tyne and Wear won an incredible £66,987:

It feels brilliant. I wasn't sure if I should go into work or not!

Like the contestants who appear with Noel Edmonds Gemma set out to beat the Banker and is busy planning how she will spend her cash: I'm going to pay off some debts and then buy a car. I think I might get a Jeep! My family are really sceptical and won't believe me until I have the cheque in my hand, but it's just brilliant. I've been close before and now I've won! I haven't told anyone at work yet. I think I'll keep it a secret.

The largest received was to David E. from Glasgow who got an incredible cash prize payout of £629,547 on Tuesday 12 June. David said:

It has not sunk in yet. I didn't believe it when I won. I had to double check and when I told my parents, they thought I was joking. They thought I had won just £629!

David works in the Royal Navy and is off on a patrol mission now. When he comes back he will have a big celebration with his wife!

I told her but she didn't believe me. I'll wait until I have the cheque in my hands. I have no idea what I'll spend the money on yet. I normally play quite a lot. It's great. I didn't know this was the highest ever!

The biggest pay out in Autumn was made to IT consultant Terry K who won an amazing £70,000. Terry said:

Thank you very much. It's quite surreal really! My wife and I were playing and it was just weird. We only play occasionally. My kids watch it and my wife saw the advert for it in a magazine so I had a go and then won!

I was quite calm really and just wondered if it was true. We're going away this weekend and have hired a Mercedes car. We're quite private people, so won't be telling anyone that we've won. It is so helpful that they keep our details private It's just fantastic though. It's certainly going to help us. It makes you more comfortable financially!

In July there were two huge winners and the largest was Stephen M who won the huge Jackpot of £234,848 with box number 14. He had only joined Jack Pot Joy the year before after reading about the site in a magazine. Stephen said:

Thank you very much. I'm feeling great. It's the first time I've won anything. I was just playing and picked a box. I had a calendar neaby and saw 14!
I'm a property investor so will use some of the money towards that. I'll buy myself a big treat though! I've only been playing for what seems like a few months, and have stuck to my favourite.

The second in July was Lynn J who had only just joined JPJ a few months before. She won the Jackpot of over £168,111 having bravely defeated the Deal or No Deal banker! Afterwards she said:

It feels like when I passed my driving test. It's really weird. I still don't quite believe it. It mustn't have sunk in yet. I was looking at the screen in bewilderment. My husband phoned with some news and I told him that I had some too! He was stunned and phoned every member of the family. My parents are over the moon for me. I had just lost my job so it was very good timing. If I hadn't lost my job, I wouldn't have been playing! It now gives me a chance to sit back and think about what's next. I'm not sure what I'll do with the money but there'll be a holiday at some point! We're starting to plan what to do now.

Everyone is over the moon for me. It remains my favourite at JPJ though I now really like playing Pub Slots as well.

Lynn can be seen in the photo below celebrating with her husband:

Deal or no Deal Winner

Do click to join the newsletters because each free newsletter will have other offers and news. Examples are copied below:

Another is Juliar G who won an incredible £218,686! Juliar was so excited that she wrote them a letter to tell them all about it. Take a look at what she had to say:

I still can't believe that I have been blessed with such a humongous amount! After a lifetime of bad luck, finding them certainly changed my life. £40,000 on Bullion Bonanza in December and then this! Oh my God!

Good things really come to those who wait! Rest assured that it's in good hands and will make a difference, not only to my life but my family and friends too, and a few worthy causes.

Even if I had never won at all, I would still feel eternally grateful because of the friendships I've formed, the Chat Host's warm welcomes and the laughs have really been a good tonic. My life has been filled with so much since the day I ventured over. Those things money can't buy!

In November it was announced Robert B received £103,867. He says:

I couldn't believe it. When I hit the button, I felt sick! The banker offered me £103 and I said no. Then there it was! I was all alone at the time. I emailed customer support and it started feeling real! I'm really glad that I refused the banker!

Robert soon got over his nausea and started putting his mind to what he'd be buying with the massive red box of cash.

Yesterday was the first time I played and I told my wife and we'll wait and see what happens before we make any plans. I'm an IT consultant but I've recently got my pub license and will be opening up early in the new year, so it will help out with that!

In August they introduced something new to their Deal or no Deal online slots game. Players can now be successful with only two symbols in any line. It has up to 20 lines across 5 reels: so a player's chance is much greater now.

In October they registered their 3 millionth member, making it one of the leading gaming sites in the UK. This 3,000,000 is about 5% of the UK population. They celebrated this special occasion by rewarding their members with 3,000,000 pence, ie £30,000, to those members who played more than a penny on the day the 3,000,000th member joined.

The next can be played at the Mecca Bingo website where new players can claim up to £50 of free bingo as a matched bonus. The jackpot is a traditional 90 ball with a network jackpot of over £10,000. It has four prizes for those who complete 1 line, 2 line, Full House and the feature. Those who get a Full House will play the feature game. Each bingo ball called has an associated box which will be removed from the prize board. Once there is a Full House winner, the banker will call up and make an offer for the remaining player's box. To help fellow roomies will vote and he or she will see the results.

Win £20 in our social media contest.

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