Do people really win from filling out a customer satisfaction feedback survey?

Yes! I do not often fill out these questionnaires, due to time constraints, but recently I experienced great service from a local Marston's restaurant from my birthday meal with my family. So, via the form, I thanked the chef for a delicious carvery and the staff for great attentive service. My intentions were that management read what great staff they have and I thought nothing more about it. So what did I win?

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» Do people really win from filling out a customer satisfaction feedback survey?

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Do people really win from filling out customer satisfaction feedback survey

Well I am pleased to say that I won £25 - which paid for another meal out and some drinks. So now I go looking for customer satisfaction feedback surveys!

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This was a local win and I would suggest that you try filling out forms at your local restaurants and shops, as they may well have a low entry. Large chain restaurants and retailers, such as Argos or Morrisons, probably dish out millions of receipts that ask you to fill out a customer questionnaire to win cash prizes. Some sales assistants helpfully circle them in red felt tip pens. But of those millions there will be a high percentage who do not take the time to fill out the survey or go online to complete a questionnaire. Someone has to win and it could be you!

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