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Free guide to selling items by dropshipping - how it works in the UK and how to make money by becoming a dropshipper with items to sell from companies

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Drop Shipping Wholesale giftware dropshippers offers you the opportunity to sell products and have them sent mail order without ever touching a single item. This article will show you how to become a drop shipper.

Drop Shipping Companies

Dropshipping UK is a process of selling products without having to stock or store any items. You would sell the merchandise at a cost you would determine. After the customer pays you for the item, you would pay the drop shipper companies supplier their price and send them your customers details. They send the product out to the customer, and the difference between your price and the suppliers price is your profit.

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How Does Dropshipping Work

So how does dropshipping work? Let's say you ran across a Crystal Ball on a site for £20. You would sell that Crystal Ball for a price you would determine, let's use £35 plus £4.50 postage and packing for an example. After you collect the payment of £39.50 from the customer and their postal address, you would forward the £20 plus £4.50 postage costs to the supplier, and keep the £15 as profit, never having to touch or store the product, as the supplier sends it out to the customer. This type of arrangement is extremely beneficial to both you and the supplier. The supplier does not have to open a storefront, or hire salespeople to sell their products, as that is the role of the dropshipper. You have a way to earn some spare money, having no start-up costs, no overhead, no packaging costs or headaches, and can create an extremely useful relationship with the supplier. This is a simplistic explanation of how it works and below we describe more about it.

Dropshipping Websites

The ideal places to do this would be at sites such as Ebay or Amazon Marketplace. Using PayPal would be a safe way to transfer money and to help your buyers pay you safely and for you to buy further items.

One such online shop is Devil Wear who will deliver discounted clothing which has been advertised and sold at your site or auction listing. You sell the items and contact Devil Wear who will deliver the items straight to your customers. You need not hold any stock or worry about postage and packaging. The scheme is free. There is a small deposit required but this is refunded back to you after your first order.

I am sure you have all heard of it before but this has been an American phenomenon in the past, though now there are many UK dropshipping websites.

Look for a UK dropshipper that can actually deliver what it promises (85% of orders despatched that day, rising to 97% the next day is a good standard). The over all idea is very simple yet effective. As you can see from the example above the margins are realistic ones rather than "300% markups" as you may have seen in the past.

It is no get rich quick but a genuine, honest business that can pay high returns with a little work and a little expense.

Some companies charge a one off investment, perhaps about £20. For this you get complete access to the 100's of items, images and product descriptions (ideal to enhance your auction listings at Ebay to help secure a higher price), the ability to sell the items before you've even bought them and unlimited customer service and support.

Drop Shipper

Common items sold range from candles, clocks, essential oils, jewellery, software, paper-weights, tarot cards and an ever changing range of special offers. It is also possible to bulk buy to get even greater discounts thus maximising your profits.

Learn more about auctions and the many sites available that will be useful for your career.

Pet Supply UK

These is one which provide pet foods, pet accessories and supplies. Within their site there is a section for dropshippers, one of very few pet foods and supplies who offer this with hundreds of pet products. This source of extra income allows you to sell their products throughout Britain and Ireland. There is a full tracking facility for parcel deliveries.

Those who choose Pet Supply UK will need their own website. Alternatively dropshippers can sell via auctions such as Ebid or eBay. Either way they can help you achieve good profits with their easy system.

Dropshippers who use their site not only sell online but also achieve profits from selling at car boot sales and even their own high street shops.

Dropshippers can make profits from selling the items provided because they source cheap stock from bulk buying, purchasing bankrupt stock and buying clearance brand new stocks. They then pass these deals to you, to pass on to your customer base in turn.

Customer service is a high priority and many of their satisfied dropshippers have included business owners as well as people looking for extra cash such as housewives, dads, students and retired people supplementing their income.

There are several packages to choose from with each offering various discounts and deals.

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