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Don't pay for your film, concert, show or live television, get free cinema tickets UK with where you can claim movie screenings

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It is possible to get free cinema tickets most weeks and indeed most nights. These can be found at the websites below, where there are also, when available, links to take you to concert, television and radio programmes. The competitions have prizes to win cinema tickets.

Get a month unlimited visits to Cineworld when you apply online using our special code. This is valid for those who join Cineworld Unlimited which costs £17-40 a month thereafter but gives you the opportunity to watch as many movies as you like. You also get 10% off food and drinks and after 10 months membership you get premium membership which gives you free 3D movies and 25% off food and drink. This offer only applies if you join online. The Unlimited recommend a friend promo code is RAF-23WM-75DA-33KD-02NV and visit

free cinema tickets

The borntoloaf Become a mystery shopper - Get paid to go mystery shopping page has information on how to become a mystery shopper which will include visiting screenings. Generally you will get paid to visit, check stock levels of sweets, drinks, popcorn, etc. and look out for specific sales or promotions posters. You sometimes have to view the adverts before the event and write a short report of your findings. The rest of the time is yours to enjoy the film. Most of the work can be done before the film starts and you get paid for this visit. So you get paid for going and expenses such as mileage and any purchases.

Win £25.00 in our Daily Entry Competition.

One last war book

An army veteran moves his family into a village, but his nightmare neighbour starts a battle of wits with him. Who will win this One Last War?

Buy my latest novel on Kindle or Paperback.

Free Movie Screenings

Get free movie screenings from the newly launched website. These are available throughout 66 of the UK Cineworlds as part of Very Important Families club (VIF programme). In return Woollies may ask for feedback about their services and products.

Free Cinema Tickets UK

Two for the UK are often on offer from special packets of sweets such as Maltesers, White Maltesers, Revels, M&Ms (peanut, crispy or chocolate), Mars Planet or Minstrels from Mars. These free cinema tickets UK involve collecting the tops of chocolate wrappers or special tokens or codes. Though a purchase is necessary it does give you something to munch on during your movie or film. The promotion from Mars is usually found in the early part of the year and are often for Showcase, Empire or Movie House throughout the United Kingdom. There can be exemptions and special terms and conditions such as the Empire Leicester Square, London or Cineworld Fulham not taking part in the offer. More information can be found on the packets of Mars chocolates, Borntoloaf will try and find a website with these details though it also appears as a TV advert when available.

Free Cinema

The Orange mobile or broadband free ticket offer is open to existing phone or internet users of the Orange network (changing to EE - Everything Everywhere). With Orange Wednesdays such customers can claim a 2 for 1 deal. More information and terms and conditions can be found at their website

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Free Tickets

Free Tickets is a website that specialises in providing you with information about free radio shows, theme park and TV shows and where you can go to win them for a wide range of activities, concerts and venues. For example there are some to Ant & Dec's Saturday night gameshows, Britain's Got Talent, Dancing on Ice, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, Legoland, Madam Tussauds, Sea Life Centre and Warwick Castle

It is easy to use and the news and information is updated each day. The site aims to highlight how and where to get access to a wide variety of television and radio shows. Where they are not available to venues and events then they will still help their site visitors by offering fantastic discounts.

Free DVD Rental.

Win Cinema Tickets

Win cinema tickets competition prizes for you and a friend (link returning soon).

Win £20 in our social media contest.

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