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It was our birthday last month and I was too busy loafing about to mark the special occasion! So to say thank you for your support over the last eleven years here is a special birthday free online competition.

In more than 100 words I would like to you to tell me what you like about our site or how we have helped you.

Win £25.00 in our Daily Entry Competition.

I am selling at eBay due to ill health. This is a rare chance to buy a 10 character domain name that has been live since 2002 and the current bid is low.

I can also transfer the live files on the ftp hosting upon request and the host company provides great support if needed.

Thank you all for the fun we have had over the years, especially running the Born To Loaf competitions where I have given away cash prizes and branded merchandise. It would be great if a Borntoloafer took over the site.

Best wishes to you all.


Bid Now.

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One last war book

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Buy my latest novel on Kindle or Paperback.

Perhaps you have found mystery shopping work, now make a living from reading e-mail, drop shipping or visiting websites. Tell me about a bingo win or any small or big UK online competition wins. You could even tell me about the Born to Loaf daily prizes that you have won. Tell me why you entered, why you still enter and what you or a relative thought of them. Perhaps you received a favourite freebie or won a life changing prize at jackpotjoy. You can also send photos you have personally taken which I may use on the site as part of your online competition entry.

Another way to enter is to tell me ways that you have helped or one of our other websites grow over the years.

In return you can choose a main prize such as a kids fleecy jacket, an adult or older child ski hat, t shirt, mug, jigsaw, golf balls, golf tees in a special tin, photo plaque, wall plaque, place mats, wall tile or mouse mats.

Winners can also request a car sticker (please state how many if you wish to receive extra car stickers to pass on to friends or family or have more than one car or want to put the car sticker on your shed, garage or house window), pens, pencil case, frisbee, brass tin, post it notelets, 10 golf tees, one golf tee.

Please state how many of each extra item you would like if you would like extra items for your children so that none feel left out and to save any family fights!

Enter by visiting the contact page and use the e-mail provided. Please mark the subject line as Borntoloaf. Please include your entry, name, address and choice. Please name a second choice should your first be unavailable.

Please note that prizes are subject to availability.

Winners must agree to have their entry and or photograph appear on any page along with their name. I ask this because I would like to use your entry as a testimonial throughout the website.

There is no closing date and the list will be kept up to date at the prizes page where you can see a description of each prize, sizes guide and photographs.

They will be sent out within 30 days of each winning entry being added.

No correspondence into entries not used will be entered into about this and winners names shall appear after their testimonial entry and on the winners list.

Only one entry per person per household will be accepted for each subject though multiple entries about different subjects will be accepted.

People entering must be aged over 18 years or have the permission of their parents to enter.

We cannot take any responsibility for lost e-mails and our decision is final for all aspects.

Fraudulent entries shall be ignored.

The privacy and disclaimer policy applies and can be read on the link below.

Entrants agree to have their names on the winners list.

Every effort will be made to send them safely but we cannot be held responsible for lost ones and may be unable to replace any such lost online competition prizes. All are subject to availability.

Best of luck!

Here is what some of our website users have said:

What a brilliant idea for a comp! All that loafing must have given you some divine inspiration :-) I absolutely love because I have, over the years, had several brilliant and extremely useful prizes from you, and your ball point pens are wonderful! Phil Croft.

Here is an example of one of the winning entries in the form of a wonderful poem:

Borntoloaf has changed my life,
And only for the better,
Now instead of dreading bills,
I love to get a letter!
Will it be a prize I've won?
Or a cheque for offering views,
No matter why you visit Borntoloaf,
You simply cannot lose!
With lists of lovely freebies,
And discount codes galore,
Plus a daily comp,
I keep coming back for more!
So happy birthday Borntoloaf,
Here's to the next five years,
Hear all the happy Loafers,
Raise a glass and shout Cheers!

Beverley Kerry

Win £20 in our social media contest.

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