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Earn from opinions and get paid to write with this free and easy guide to getting published on websites, newspapers and magazines when you provide tips and do book reviews:

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Paid Opinions Get Paid To Write Reviews

It is possible to make a modest income from paid opinions for a number of media such as websites, newspapers and magazines. These range from quick paragraphs such as when you write tips for magazine letter pages through to get paid for your opinion survey sites. This article will guide you through various opportunities.

Get Paid To Write

Perhaps the easiest and most accessible get paid to write opportunity for those with a PC is to write reviews for consumer websites like Ciao or Dooyoo. So for example Ciao will pay you cash for writing opinions about a wide range of products and services. Each month £2000 is awarded from their premium fund and each opinion may earn you up to £15. In addition some product opinions may earn 1 pence every time a member reads them. It's very easy to write or read and comment on opinions and you'll become addicted to them and earn and learn at the same time! They also pay you for filling out surveys (my recent ones have been for £2 and there was one for £16 once) which they e-mail you and often only take 10 minutes to complete.

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Best wishes to you all.


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A few helpful aspects of Ciao etiquette will help you on this great site:
  • Begin by reading and rating other people's opinions on Ciao before writing your own. This allows you to get a feel for the site.

  • Do no more than two opinions a day, otherwise you may become known as a churner and will lose votes and therefore cash.

  • Product reviews (shown in orange on the site, see my review on Mayonnaise, my user name is borntoloaf, as an example) pays but nothing in the Opinion Cafe pays.

  • The Opinion Cafe is a great place for diverse areas of topics.

  • Look in the community page to learn what the months competition subject is as this is what may earn you £20, other topics will earn you up to £15 each.

  • Unlike other sites you only need to accumulate £5 before you can request payment.

  • Create off line in a document such as Word. Then you can run a spelling and grammar check before copying and pasting onto Ciao.

  • Try breaking down your opinion into sections, perhaps with a separate heading. This will make your opinion more readable, give the impression it is longer and more "cared" for and make it easier to understand and appear logical.

  • Look in the community page to find out who the category assistants are: and ask them for help.

Since 1st may 2007 Ciao GmbH is an independent company. At that time the two business divisions "Ciao Comparison Shopping" and "Ciao Surveys" split into Ciao GmbH (portal business) and Ciao Surveys GmbH (online surveys). The separation in two independent management structures allows both companies to focus on their core businesses price comparison and consumer portals as well as online surveys in order to expand their leadership position respectively. They still award members who do reviews a small cash payment every time a member rates them "helpful", "very helpful" or "exceptional".

Get Paid For Your Opinion

Another way to get paid for your opinion is to write for various newspapers and magazines. I have been doing this for years and normally have something published each week. I earn enough between this and Mystery Shopping to earn a full time wage.

Study the magazines and newspapers you normally read and there is bound to be something you can compose. I started my writing career by writing for nursing magazines. As a little side-line I write tips, letters, funny stories, TV reviews and short stories to magazines such as TV Times, What's on TV, Chat, Take a Break, That's Life, The Readers Digest, etc.

Always send your work to The Readers Digest first as they pay the most - up to £200 for a small funny story. You can read these free online and learn the style. Although I take a subscription which pays for itself (remember to claim this as an expense) because I read the articles each month and compose my thoughts in the "In Your View" section.

Claim free membership to be on paper which is a guide to being in newspapers and magazines when you join BeonScreen who are also offering free membership for a limited time. Beonscreen list many opportunities to appear on TV and get things for free such as garden or home make-overs or the chance to win cash and holidays from appearing on TV quizzes and game-shows.

Most magazines and newspapers will allow you to send them by e-mail, so it is free to do. I send at least two letters a week to The Sun letters page who pay £15 postal order for each one or £25 for the lead letter. The Sun Newspaper often publish you under another name and ask you if you would like to do this. This means you can have 2-3 letters published a week and get £15 or £25 for each one (payment about 2 weeks later). It is advisable to send these by e-mail so that the news stories stay topical, as they like to publish them within a few days. The editor likes you to compose your paragraph and just add your details so that they are not sent bulky e-mails. You can read most of The Sun paper, including the letters page free online. I try to discuss the headlines of the day and the lead stories.

Write Book Reviews

I also write book reviews for nursing magazines - I get payment for writing the reviews and get to keep the book. The books are always new releases and some have yet to hit the shelves. When I am finished with them I either add them to my personal library to help me with my own research for articles and book chapters or sell them at auction websites.

So consider your talents, qualifications, and skills and find a publication that prints book reviews and approach the editor to be kept on file as a book reviewer.

Paid To Listen To Music

Paid to listen to music is another way and with this method of working from home you listen to new music through your laptop or PC and give your opinion on the music. One such website is Slice The Pie at

Music fans can enjoy the latest bands, groups and singers and get cash: a win win situation for earning from home. In return the musicians get honest opinions about their music which can help their future releases and their music career.

A question that borntoloaf is often asked is: "Is Slice The Pie a scam?" No would be our answer since one of our relatives regularly logs onto enjoys the music and writing reviews and has received payments. This Slice The Pie review has been written with their help since prefers listening to opera and classical music which does not appear often at Slicethepie.

To start simply log into and click on log in or the join button. Then make your way to the Slice The Pie Scout Rooms where the musical artists await your feedback. There is even the chance to invest money with your favourite band to help them reach stardom.

This is ideal for a teenager looking to earn extra money because unlike other get paid for opinion websites or survey sites which have a minimum age of 18 years. Slice The Pie have a minimum joining age of 13 years and is UK based and open to internet users from other countries. Slicethepie will pay you via Paypal with a minimum deposit level of £5.

At the time of writing this Slice The Pie review borntoloaf found that they would pay you from 4 pence to 10 pence per song listened to and give an opinion about. Opinions need to be at least 30 words in length and you should have listened to the song for at least 1 minute. Unlike other opinion websites there is no limit to the number of songs you can listen to. Listening is made easier by Slicethepie if you choose the genre tab and the music artists never get to find out your name, address and other personal details.

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