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Free DVD Rental Renting DVDs and Computer Games by post is a great way to spend your loafing time as well as an economical way to watch your favourite films, cartoons, kiddies programmes and classic TV programmes. We are a member of two of them after happily taking their free DVDS to rent trials - we love watching them in our house, so the children have their own membership so they can watch their programmes. When they are at school or tucked up in bed it's Mrs B's and my turn to watch the latest blockbuster movies. Most of the programmes have no late fees, so you can keep titles as long as you like without any charge (useful if your kids are like mine and love watching programmes several times over - keeps them quiet in the holidays and at rainy weekends) and you return them freepost and get another straight back. You can rent up to 5 with some, so whilst some are in the post there will always be one to watch. Join the online DVD rentals companies below with no-obligation to continue your membership.

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DVD Rental By Post

Blockbuster offer a no obligation 2 week trial of their service by post. There are no late fees and you can keep the films for as long as you want. They are the only service to send you the bonus disc in the same package - others send them as two different selections.

Win £25.00 in our Daily Entry Competition.

I am selling at eBay due to ill health. This is a rare chance to buy a 10 character domain name that has been live since 2002 and the current bid is low.

I can also transfer the live files on the ftp hosting upon request and the host company provides great support if needed.

Thank you all for the fun we have had over the years, especially running the Born To Loaf competitions where I have given away cash prizes and branded merchandise. It would be great if a Borntoloafer took over the site.

Best wishes to you all.


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WH Smith are offering a month trial by post. During your free DVD rental trial you can keep each for as long as you want with no late return fees. You can this cancel this at any time.

Movie Booth

The Movie Booth is an alternative to joining a postal service and websites that will soon appear in more British and Irish shops, stores, supermarkets and even fast food outlets. They already appear in over forty locations which include some Tesco (Ireland), Budgens, Co-op, Spar, Centra and Nisa Today's stores. It works a bit like a traditional video hire shop but customers simply use their debit or credit card to rent their choice. They are already proving to be popular throughout America. The Movie Booth, based in Cheltenham, will soon be opening Video Game and DVD rentals machines up and down the United Kingdom.

It is predicted that each will cost from £1-50 to rent each night and there will be no membership or joining fee. Instead customers will pay for it by debit or credit card and charged according to the number of nights hire. The only staff needed will be those who maintain the machine such as restocking with the latest releases. It is thought that each will hold at least 30 of each new release as well as family favourites and popular ones giving customers greater choice. Each can hold up to 620. Lost, unreturned or stolen ones will be charged to the customer via the customer's credit card, at the full price of the release.

The Movie Booth machines are said to be easy to operate with a touch button screen that easily guides the customer. Each is bar coded and scanned at the time of hiring and returning it to the Movie Booth.

The shop or facility that gives space to the machines will earn a commission and with few other costs it is anticipated that prices will be competitive with more traditional stores or local outlets and online companies such as Love Film.


Gametart offer a 10 day trial of Computer Game renting by post. Gametart is the UK's leading online Games rental service with over 700 Wii, PS3, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS games and XBox 360 games available. After your trial at Gametart you can cancel and pay nothing, or you can continue your subscription and only pay from under £10 a month for unlimited - so much cheaper than buying games you may only play once. There are no late fees so you can keep each game as long as you like. Gametart guarantee to stock every PS2 game available and you can rent up to 2 games at a time.

DVD Rental Trial

Rent It Here is another option. It has many local stores up and down the country. Customers simply use the special machine and its easy to use touch screen to select one to rent. This allows you to rent them for up to three days and to reserve for a future collection. Membership to Rent It Here costs nothing and you need documents to prove your name and address such as passport, driving licence, credit card, pay slip or utility bill. For more information about Rent It Here visit

DVD Rental Companies

UK DVD Rental Guide is a review and comparison website of the 34+ online by post sites. It has announced its assessment of the industry, which continues to expand, offering more choice and value for consumers as activity shifts from the high street to the letterbox. The BBC has rightly described an explosion in the popularity and Screen Digest research indicates that it will account for over half of British video hire transactions.

Growth is due to its convenience and ease of use, with most companies following the same four-step process:
  • First, a customer signs up online, and picks a wish list of films in order of preference from a library of tens of thousands of films.

  • Second, the DVD rental company mails them by first class post in individual envelopes. These are usually in a small plastic caddy rather than the entire boxes which are not sent.

  • Third, the customer keeps the disc as long as desired, as most companies do not charge late fees.

  • Finally, the customer posts the disc back to the company, which then sends out another disc from the wish list, etc.

The industry was pioneered by US giant Netflix, launched in 1999. In the UK it only really started gaining momentum in 2003 with explosive growth from 2004 as they went mainstream. The situation is similar to the late-1990s mobile phone craze, before the market reached saturation. Prices are low with generous trials to entice new customers.

Companies have different tariffs, most commonly allowing 1, 2, or 3 at home at any one time, and most are theoretically unlimited in how many discs you can watch in a month. A few years ago when the industry was just getting started, many customers who swiftly mailed back their discs could get through 25+ discs in a month on an industry-standard, £15, 3 disc-at-a-time subscription.

Ted Flaherty states "many companies today have a fair use policy, which will throttle back dispatches to high volume renters and give priority to less frequent users, but even so, they offer great value; just watching a modest three a week, you would average about £1.20 per disc, around a third of a typical high street charge and without the worry of late fees."

Most companies offer trials of between one week to 30 days, and there are various other factors that differentiate them, such as offering video games, foreign films, adult titles, or allowing you to suspend subscriptions while away on holiday. Some companies do not operate on an unlimited basis, and instead have a pay-per-disc tariff better suited to people who want to watch only 3-5 films per month, though these tend be more expensive, averaging around £2.

While there are around 34 DVD rental sites, though there are only 17 actual companies, as many of these sites are branded versions of the two major players which run services for major high street and media partners like Tesco and easycinema, among others. The two market leaders announced in April that they will soon merge into a single company under the Lovefilm name, which will control well over half the online market. Blockbuster has adapted well to the market, as has There are also several particularly good medium-sized outfits like My Movie Stream, Movemine, and Cinema Paradiso. As manager Flaherty states, "the customer really is spoiled for choice."

The only unbiased comparison website that reviews all 34+ online by post sites in depth, previously featured in national press and radio interviews and allows customers to select the best service suited to them, including special offers and codes, links to trials, a forum, and a blog.

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