The Price Is Right Free Online Game

Play The Price Is Right online bingo game where you can win instant cash prizes includes cliffhanger and plinko

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If you have been watching the telly recently you will have seen this TV Jackpotjoy Online Bingo Game advertised. Their The Price Is Right free online game is much like the television programme which has seen three famous hosts: Leslie Crowther, Bruce Forsyth and Joe Pasquale.

Shout out your favourite catchphrase of Come On Down and join the Contestants Row and play the mini games of Plinko, Spin The Wheel and Win The Wheels.

You never know, you could get the fortnightly bonus prize of a brand new Mini Cooper car or one of the guaranteed weekly jackpots of over £10,000 or even the progressive jackpot of over £2000. In addition there are daily super jackpots of over £2000. They even have instant win cash prizes ranging from £5 through to £100.


It can be played on a trial basis to allow you to get used to it before depositing money to play for real. This then permits you to play for cash prizes.

These are great prizes and cards cost only 25 pence each and there are offers such as buy two and get one for nothing.


The Come On Down Bonus allow you to be in the chance to receive more money prizes during these mini games. You get to choose your own avatar and create an online personality. Then you play by choosing where to drop your ball or puck to gamble to for money prizes. Three players will compete against each other and will be chosen at random. The wheels will spin automatically. Each player is guaranteed to receive at least £5 and there are prizes up to the value of £100.

Jackpotjoy The Price Is Right

Jackpotjoy is the only UK gaming and gambling website to have the licence from owners Freemantle Media to host The Price Is Right online bingo game. It has been advertised on television and in newspaper adverts.

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They remain one of the leading fun and gaming sites on the internet which range from slot machines, casinos like blackjack and poker and scratch cards. These regularly pay out £250,000 and they have the honour of the largest UK online gaming pay out of an incredible £565,737.

They keep their site fast loading and entertaining. They release a new one every one or two months and have over 60 different ones to play with no downloads required because they use their own in house software. Some of them can be played for as little as 1p. They can be played for free so that you can get the feel of them before playing and there are competitions each week for prizes such as hampers, vouchers, cash, DVDs, digital cameras, etc.

Over 1.4 million people regularly visit their website to play, use the chat rooms and forums.

Jack pot joy have the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

The Price Is Right Bingo

The Price Is Right Bingo

There have already been some big The Price Is Right bingo winners. The very first was Catherine S who won the car prize. Catherine played the Spin The Wheels and couldn't believe her luck when she got the vehicle, especially when she was able to claim the cash equivalent of the Mini Cooper prize which was £15,000. She said:

I've been playing non stop, even through the night! I have been showing everyone when they come round to my house and they huddle around my computer and get excited by the Spin The Wheels. The extra Jackpotjoy The Price Is Right Bingo games are fun and they really are random, so are a special bonus!

It has only been a few days, but Catherine has already been enjoying her new fortune, and reeled off a list of treats and presents she has already bought for her home:

I got a new phone and then a laptop. I also bought a big HD TV and DVD package and a computer with a printer and monitor for my son to use when he comes to visit. I went to two big electric super stores and came home with my car boot bulging!

Catherine has recently underwent an operation and is still recovering. During this time she enjoyed playing other fun games. She met some new online friends in the growing community of friendly members on the forum and chat room. She says:

I like the Chat Rooms and Forums. Other gaming sites don't normally do that. The players in there are great, and everyone's been talking about my Spin The Wheels win since. Everyone talks about the Chat parties and I've even been called. I got £10 from Miss Moneybags and beat the banker for a £20 prize too!

A surprised Diane thought she had got just £83. She was delighted to find that she had in fact received £3,207. Diane said:

I was shaking at the time, but I'm doing ok now. I thought I'd got £83 but when I looked back at the screen - wow! I have been going to bingo for years and never won, though had lots of fun and made some new friends. I have already booked a holiday to France and the kids want the new Wii and PS3. It will be nice to treat everyone.

Carol H got a massive cash prize of £8,160. She immediately ran up her stairs and told her daughter. She had been playing late and night and had to wake her up. Her daughter thought that something bad had happened but was soon celebrating with her mum. Carol now plans to take her family on holiday to the Gran Canary and then redecorate their home.

Michelle H received £3485 playing in June. When asked what she will be doing she replied:

My family had been planning on taking a short break at the end of the month. It is not often we get a change to go away because we have five children. I'm just so pleased because we can treat the children to a really great holiday.

In March lucky Antony N became the latest member to get lucky when he pocketed a cash prize of £14,763. Antony said:

My wife was playing at the time using my username whilst I was in the other room playing with the kids. When I glanced at the computer screen I thought she had just won a small cash prize of £67. But this did not explain why she was running around the house like a lunatic. This is very timely because our garden has been damaged in the recent storms. We will also get my wife some driving lessons and then buy a car. This leap year has been really lucky for our family because my Sister in law won a cash prize at the website too.

In February Diane R from Norfolk won £8,089 and said:

This is fantastic. I actually missed watching the money drop into my account, but it was great when Chat told me! I'm going to be using it to buy two brand new sofas, a washing machine, new dryer and even a new TV!

The team also sent Diane a celebration fun pack as a way to congratulate her. This included a fun size cheque and a digital camera so that she could have a photo taken.

Price Is Right Winner

In June television adverts hit the screens. There were four different television adverts. One was thirty seconds in length whilst the duration of the other three were ten seconds long. Each featured the £10 bingo play offer and contestants being chosen to play. I'm not sure who the actresses and actors were but one loved uncannily like Michelle McManus from Glasgow, the singer who won Pop Idol in 2003 and released a single called All This Time and appeared on TV on Channel 4 on You Are What You Eat with Doctor Gillian McKeith. She also presents radio shows on BBC Radio Scotland which includes presenting Let's Do The Show Right Here. She is also releasing a DVD called Michelle McManus - The Life Plan.

If you missed the television adverts then visit the YouTube website and type in Jackpotjoy in the search box and you can view the ads. You do not need to be a You Tube member to do this.

The Price Is Right


An interactive promotion includes Miss Moneybags popping into the chat room and phoning or messaging lucky players. They can guess what the prize of the day is.

In July Ross received £3,198. He said:

It is crazy this amount of money. I can't really believe that it has happened to me. I was sitting on my PC on a Sunday morning and I had a spontaneous urge to play. Thankfully I did because in the first I played I scooped the Progressive Jackpot!
I couldn't stop phoning family and friends to tell them of my luck. I had a huge smile on my face all day. To be honest, I don't exactly know what I will do with it, but I am still young enough so I am going to save up for now, and probably put the money in the bank towards travelling in a few years.
I would like to say thanks for this wonderful news and also a huge thanks to all of the players who are fantastic!

Spin The Wheel

Recently the Spin The Wheel bonus game was won by an excited Linda H from Oldbury West. Rather than take the car prize Linda took the £15,000 cash alternative prize. Linda said:

I was so shocked that I could not speak a word for some time. Then I was as on an emotional high it was so lovely! This prize from my favourite site is so incredible. It is the first prize I have ever received in my life. My son was so thrilled when I phoned him to tell him of my luck. Though he did think I was joking to begin with thinking it a late April fool!

Linda plans to use the money to treat the family to a holiday to Jamaica or the Canary islands and a weekend in Amsterdam beforehand. She has nine children and knows that this Christmas is going to be extra special.

It was won by Linda just before her 50th birthday and they sent her a large bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to wish her a happy birthday and to congratulate her.

Cliffhanger Game

They added more bonuses which were Plinko and Cliffhanger.

Cliffhanger promises to have people hanging off the edge of their seats gripped with excitement. With Cliffhanger game their is the chance to get one of five different cash prizes. Payout depends on how many steps the climber takes to climb the mountain.


Players of The Price Is Right bonus game Way To Go Plinko gives each player the chance to take part and drop the puck for an instant cash prize. Anyone that's holding cards that features the new bonus, will have the chance to watch their own puck land in a pile of cards or better still, cash!


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