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- Below is the competition winners list. Read to see if you have been lucky! Congratulations to:

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One last war book

An army veteran moves his family into a village, but his nightmare neighbour starts a battle of wits with him. Who will win this One Last War?

Buy my latest novel on Kindle or Paperback.

Borntoloaf Competitions

Competition Winners prizes

Borntoloaf competitions are run on the Daily Entry Competition and the Caption Competition pages as well as additional ones on Twitter and Facebook where we can run them spontaneously. They also include easy to enter retweet and follow comps. You can even help me to choose a competition prize.

19 June 2020 Daily Entry Competition £25 - Lucy Caldwell

6 May 2020 Social Media Competition £20 - Derek Bradshaw

15 April 2020 Caption Competition - Karen Mitchell

16 October 2019 Daily Entry Competition £25 - Ian Speight

19 June 2019 Daily Entry Competition £25 - Carolle Wieler

10 January Caption Competition winner - Malcolm Rose

7 January £20 Social Media Competition - Chloe Jade Roberts

4 January Daily Entry Competition £25 - Dawn Fairman

4 November 2018 Daily Entry Competition £25 - Stacey Mason

14 September 2018 Daily Entry Competition £25 - Denise Houghton

30 August £20 social media competition - Liz Denial

21 August £20 social media competition - Kenny @147ken

Win £25.00 in our Daily Entry Competition.

One last war book

An army veteran moves his family into a village, but his nightmare neighbour starts a battle of wits with him. Who will win this One Last War?

Buy my latest novel on Kindle or Paperback.

14 August Fire Engine Toy - Sarah Walton

07 August Paw Patrol Paint and Play Set - Anne Jenkins

06 August kids cow canvas painting set which includes paints and a brush - Stacey Mason

25 May Iron Man Pez with refills - Katie Sampford

27 April Paw Patrol Pez and Refills - Sandy Ralph

19 April Despicable Me3 Magic Putty Unicorn Canvas Artkit - Diane Whale

17 April Wooden Puzzle Fairytale Castle - Christine Dowds

16 April My Little Pony Activity Pad - Carly Harper

09 April Despicable Me3 Sticker Book - Jodie Lee Heaney

22 February Retro toy wind-up guardsman - Patrick Sheppard

30 January Retro Parachute Jumper Toy - Steven Hissey

19 January Chocolate Casino Chips - Barry Gorman

11 January Caption Competition - Ken Wilkinson

8 January Daily Entry Competition £25 - Sue Tilbury

4 January £20 Social Media Competition - Rebecca McIntosh

18 December 2017 Dog Goodies Pack - Jennifer Marshall

9 December 2017 £100 Chocolate Bank Note - Lou Chaud

1 December Two Bags of Chocolate Coins - Sheila McLean

24 November Batman Candy Sticks Pack - Sammie Martin

17 November Emoji Candy Sticks Pack - June Lord

10 November Twinkies Pack - Kimberley Jayne

31 October Halloween Sweets - Gemma Hendry

7 September Daily Entry Competition £25 - Debbi Ruskin.

5 May Daily Entry Competition £25 - Sarah Nagle.

11 January Social Media Competition £20 - David Larente.

8 January Caption Competition - Ian Buckingham.

6 January Daily Entry Competition £25 - Lee Berry.

14 November 2016 Daily Entry Competition £25 - Ellen Stafford.

2 September Daily Entry Competition £25 - Simon Tinsley.

1 June Daily Entry Competition £25 - Stephen Kempson.

10 March Daily Entry Competition £25 - Phyllis Ellett.

4 February Daily Entry Competition £25 - Caroline Cordery.

7 January £20 Cash Prize - Kim Richmond.

6 January Caption competition - Ken Wilkinson.

4 January Daily Entry Competition £25 - Valerie Seal.

4 December 2015 Daily Entry Competition £25 - Graham Webster.

4 November Daily Entry Competition £25 - Robert Price.

4 October Daily Entry Competition £25 - Lindsey Clark.

4 September Daily Entry Competition £25 - Lucy Irving.

7 January - £20 Cash Prize - Emily O'Mara.
5 January Caption competition - Sean Lee.
28 October 2014 @lyndac1234 (Lindy Loo) who won lucky pixie dusted pens.
29 September - Credit card wallet winner - Jessica Newman.
17 March - Credit card wallet winner - David Wright.
7 January to 1 February £20 Cash Prize - Hannah Moody.
24 December 2013 to 2 January 2014 £20 prize - Grace Collins
13 December Julie Whitehead and @essexgirlSE
5 Danielle Ashmore and @garethdrake33
3 Victoria Thurgood and @Twinklefire
30 November 2013 Carol Clifton and @bigdc76
25 Ruth G Glover and @Chuffingcharlie
21 Julie Jenkins-Jessup and @nikki_c_scott
19 @juleigh1976 and Chick Taylor
17 @cupcake302851
15 @kerriesandells
13 @AngoraFerret
12 @getaf1x

22 October Caption competition - Evey Moffat.
22 @haikumad

21 @fabualice

14 September @claner @DorotheeComp77 @RichLison592 @Raggy83 @mookowarmy @dme9988 @CrosbyLynette @janiehenny @TEJSPR @clareandtribe
11 @MikeGerrie @lorrainewilson @rachcowling76 @BoeDrWho @Mamzie2 @singingtwinkle @cherylpearson09 @Pobthesecond584 @NdaDodge @relisys222
4 @cheesybaron @griffitd @kirsty_burke @Iterajohn @staceymarie1405 @ScarletzCaptain @linzic23 @hayleyw1 @TheGood_Wife @petegilb2
28 August @JaynesDen @cazv68 @fastspice @Capturts @exarmydadof4 @toc83 @LeandraEden @KarenL109 @justmek8tie @freyerj
25 @gaz40k @fluffysammy @Cheesy_Grinner @gerimcc @kyle_marshall @45Acky @silvernemesis @whatsaman909 @ncbtaylor @Gerbera4U
19 @kelsbels59 @Janbagnall @KatieJ_A_C @baroness1536 @luckymumof3 @TONGUEFUMASTER2 @lucyirv @Lawchick35 @Ami4levi @78loretta78
17 @mick_y_ted @firestar_louise @123nadz456 @samcsps @lizziebizzie1 @RebekahNicAllen @Justdave12345 @angelamorgan66 @MyLuckyPants @PeterRobins1
16 @EllisLewis7 @saliredo @zoe_89_ @BeckyShorting @Catherine212 @SupremeHeart @RichardCripps2 @Seabird_2 @wanda_malt @Loopy_Lacy
15 @daveutdjones @jujugaboo @grannybiker @allenton736 @Prawny2004 @Spaniel01 @Compacat @sandy8226 @m4ttr1987 @ujhunt
13 @Ben_ledger @nwbaconbutty @FoxTokisam @rainbowdrops36 @GarOwen77 @cjfg1985 @ZCoen @HelenRemi411 @mrstweet2013 @margereeni
12 @mitchygems @KayAdeola @mardylady @mymojo32 @lfcvicki @djbmr @wahm1976 @allreetubadger @MattRHarris21 @Heartz15
7 @oasis1317 @Awesome_m8 @xhy5ivex @karenjbowen @jaizduck @KarateKidUK @grandmajenno @DaveML01 @wannawincompo @Leannelacejones
6 @annaojbee
1 @loz09
30 July @jean56x
28 @shonamackie
25 @Mb4040
23 @x_pinky_
16 @SarahJLCooper
13 @if_only3104
9 @stevenharris137
25 June @MSEDollyp
22 @phillipa77
24 May @cobweblil
21 @teenytigeress for RT.
April photo contest - Ken Wilkinson-Hull and Sue Reaney.
16 April @wild_coconut for retweeting.
12 @colinlvstracey for counting the dogs on Karla's new cartoon.
9 @saz012 @mrstracey1972 @cobweblil and @tamalyn1 for finding the logo on
8th @@GillyrSmith
2nd @Tara_Price12
4 March @BeccyBelden_74
26 February @daisyduck123
Who each won a lucky goody pack.

14 January 2013 Caption Competition winner Marilyn Greenwood who won a wallet, pens, car sticker and notelets.

6 December 2012 retweet and follow Twitter Borntoloaf daily competition winners @HazyLou @clarsquirrel @NicolaAldridge4 @louismummy2010 @nik_jane and @blondewivbrain who won pens and stick it notes. Though this twitter competition was only for 3 prizes there were only 6 entrants so we made everyone a winner!

Here is what some previous winners have said (add a new comment by using the contact details above and get awarded with free pens and stick it notes):

Thank you for your interesting, informative and entertaining website. is the one site I am sure to access every day. For an IT idiot like me the links you provide are really helpful.

I have taken the opportunity to access a number of freebies and have been fortunate enough to win 2 of your borntoloaf competitions. I am the proud owner of a Born to Loaf rugby shirt and T shirt (which I am currently wearing) and my car sports one of your stickers, all of which generate interest from people who see your logo and ask what your site is all about.
Keep up the good work
Roger Down

1 December 2012 @homelovingal and @MarieMismyth who won pens and stick it notes.

20 October 2012 @CKrosy_red and @chanson2010 and @StellaBstar

20 October @surreysunshine

18 October @lilababb


July: Sharon Bellwood, Angela Gray, Heather Duffield, Helen Greenwood, Diana Jones, Matthew Mooney, Ian Speight, Louise Strachan, Alan Webber and Danielle Welsh.

June: Cathy Aspey, Shirley Hamblett, Susan Lyndon, Jackie Mason, Deb Phillipson, Yvonne Poole, Avis Raven, Mary Strong, Rebecca Townsend and Rachel Sandison.

Online Competition: Sue Griffin.

May: Sarah Allcoat, Sheila Bound, Linda Connell, Deborah Cook, Andrew Franks, Chas Gilbert, Wendy Stanger, Amy Steade and Susan Sweeney.

April: Julie Anderson, Janet Dring, Irene Jackson, Daksha Karavadra, Karen Lindsay, Darren Longthorne, Liz Murray, Claire Shepherd, Michelle Williams and Shirley Younger.

March: Kim Allen, Katherine Dent, Rowena Griffiths, Colin Joyce, Kate Morris, Kay Northfield, Jackie O'Neil, Gary Reid, Barbara Ward and Thomas Willey.

February: Marina Chappell, Joyce Dow, Paul Haste, Gemma Holland, Catherine Jones, Anne-Marie Kavanagh, Linda Miles, Clive Pulley, Sally Rayner and Katie Yates.

January: Vicki Brown, Janice Browning, Janet Caygill, Catherine Gregory, Yvonne Jarman, Roland McKie, Heather Newnham, Judith Scales, Naomi Watts and Tony Whitelock. Whack a Haggis game winner Andi Murphy with a fantastic top score of 105 points.


December: Craig Anderson, Ricky Clarke, Jane Collier, Fred Gardiner, Julie Kerry, Maggie Lloyd, Lynda Mansell, Julie McGuchen, Ellen Tait and Carol Whitney.

November: Greg Howells, Diane Flack, Ron Goodwin, Gail Reid, Margaret McGiogan and Jenny Price.

Ongoing Online Comp are: Mary Cook, Jennifer Higgins, Sue Reaney, Hazel Rea, Dani Cohen and Roger Down. This is still open and can be entered here.

October: Susan McInnes, Mark Curry, Elaine Davis and Laura Cameron.

September: Sue Wontroba, Yvonne Frost, Mark Messenger and Allan Dixon.

Newsletter Competition Winner

Linda Paterson who won a choice of a main prize and choice of 5 items.

August: Chris Cleave, Amanda Lingwood, Sarah Mitchell and Sylvia Witham.

Congratulations to the 13 August 2007 newsletter competition winner Chris Constable who won a choice of a main prize and choice of 5 items from the prizes page.

June: Alison McKenzie, Jennifer Austin, Ian Campbell and Adrian Hamer.

May: James Andrews, Andrew Hindley, Amy Stupple-Bagnall and Pam Griffith.

April: Avis Raven, Mary Strong, Ivan Plusnin and Jacqueline Aldred.

Easter Egg Hunt 2007

Congratulations to Wynne Evans who found the hidden Cadbury's Cream Egg left by the Easter Bunny.

March: Denise Whiteside, Rona Gough, Angela Stallard and Kim Rogers.

February: Maureen Sharp, Ian Speight, Helen Sahl and Vicky Haddock.

The first AboutAberdeen Haggis Game Testers Christina Cooke, Clara Croft, Beverley Kelly and Tracey McLeod who each won a flask, pens, notelets.

January: Karen Peaurt, Jayne Kohli, Jo Orr and Sally Murphy.

Whack A Haggis Game Winner

On Hogmanay 2006 we ran a contest for those playing the aboutaberdeen Whack A Haggis game. Congratulations to Steve Morley and L North who win a host of goodies and an rollerball pen in presentation case.


December: Albert Megginson, Dorothy Keeley, Mark Bewick and Lisa Day.

November: Lucy Irving, Andrew Stevenson, Chas Gilbert and Philip Croft.

21st September - 21st October: John Williams, Barry Taylor, Siri Hansen and Margaret Mackenzie.

September: Alison Allan, Mary Cooper, Sandra Goodson and Yvonne Jarman.

August: Mark Finch , Mike Norton, Kaz Martin and Margaret Moffat.

July: Graeme Denman, Sarah Whittington, Clara Croft and Anne Walmsley.

June: Steve Medforth, Belinda Porter, Tony Whitelock and Owen Evans.

May: Ann Keates, Dawn Quadling, Hazel Rea and Ian Yates.

April: Yvonne Parsons, Angus Miller, Sue Bennett and Lesley Kirby.

March: Di Ruddock, Frances Heaton, Susan Lydon and Lisa Day.

February: Hilary Stewart, Chris Onion, Jannette Smith and Alan Howell.

January: Sheryl Priest, Ian Taylor, Ruth Steel and Sue Reaney.


December: Melvyn Flack, Stephen Timms, Harry Prophet, Irene Jackson, and Jackie Mason.

November: Angela Moore, Helen Greenwood, Joanne Major, Chris Lewis, and Paul Harte.

October: Andy Morris, Linda Bird, David Thomson, Mary Strong, and Chris Morley.

September: Emma Clarke, Evelyn Moffat, Alan Webber, Kim Rogers, John Rutland and Claire Davies.

August: Ian Campbell, Mark Messenger, Andrew Hindley, Patricia Gilbert, Janette Smith, Laura Richardson and Fiona Drinkell.

July: Alison Barker, Gerry Smithson, Clive Pulley, Karen Peaurt, Stephen Sutherland, Roger Down and Ian Yates.

June: Brian Prevett, Jeanette Jackson, Christopher Bingham, James Andrews, Sheena Edwards, Albert Megginson, Alan Webber, Tony Hall-Willis, Denise Atkinson and Paul Tucker.

Win £20 in our social media contest.

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